COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

‘This is red alert’: Venues go red as COVID-19 closures illuminate critical need for performance arts

What happens when entertainment venues aren’t able to bring in people for shows and games? What happens to your city when there are fewer people being drawn in to see shows and dine in your restaurants? Fewer people means less income for small businesses, which means fewer job opportunities, which can all lead to local businesses closing their doors permanently and unemployment rates rising.  READ MORE

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Pivot: How Studio Lab is embracing the need to change during COVID-19 crisis and creating an artistic community along the way

Just a few days after the depressing reality of cancelled shows happened, Studio Labs & Events United hosted one of the largest live streaming events in the history of the industry. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Drop Kick Murphy’s performed their annual free concert from Studio Lab in a streaming event that brought in approximately 10 million viewers and united a country for a moment of community and happy distraction in a week of palpable anxiety and uncertainty. READ MORE