Letters: Why I want to serve Manchester as an Alderman in Ward 7

I am a retired educator who is committed to small businesses, will fight for a balanced budget that supports all the city’s residents and I will always stand for Manchester workers, support equitable educational experiences for all Manchester’s children and families, a clean and healthy environment and access to necessary services for people in need. Also, I want the voters in Ward 7 to have a choice. My opponent is a conservative and I am a liberal Democrat.  READ MORE


Guidance from Sununu and Edelblut leaves schools to fend for themselves   

As a lifelong Manchester resident and educator with over 30 years of experience teaching and serving in administrative roles at the New Hampshire Department of Education and Southern New Hampshire University, I am deeply concerned with the guidance Governor Sununu issued on Tuesday which I believe will not be enough to keep our students and teachers safe from COVID-19 if they go back to school.  READ MORE