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The Cats came back – you might have thought the feline-inspired catwalk was a goner

Yes, the Cats came back, they just couldn’t stay away.  Back in 2019, Liz Hitchcock and the team from Orbit Group, worked with the City of Manchester to meet code and add an artsy twist to the pedestrian crosswalk just outside The Bookery. It didn’t wear well but entrepreneurs aren’t fazed by minor setbacks.  Lessons learned, warm days, reformulation of a product with a three-year warranty and the Cats came back yesterday to Elm Street. READ MORE


Forcivity 2.0: Merger means revolutionizing delivery of digital service operations – no fooling here today

There was “Forcivity” (Forcivity, Inc) and there was “Jolt” (Jolt Consulting Group LLC) and as a combined organization with Jeff Oskin as CEO and Steve Baines as President and Chief Growth Officer, we might just want to call them Forcivity 2.0. These leaders in B2B technology consulting, announced yesterday the planned merger of their businesses, creating a breakout leader in digital service operations. READ MORE