Raise the minimum wage: NH workers are tired of getting left behind

New Hampshire has been without a minimum wage statute since 2011 and defaults to the federal minimum wage. If Governor Sununu fails to sign the bill, New Hampshire will find itself falling even farther behind our neighboring New England states. As of January 1, 2021, the minimum wage in Connecticut will be $12, in Vermont $11.75, in Massachusetts $13.50, in Rhode Island $11.50, in Maine $12 plus a CPI increase, and in New Hampshire a pitiful $7.25. READ MORE

Memorial High School graduation A to Z

This was not a typical high school graduation, but it might not have happened at all. In March Manchester schools were closed because of the COVID crisis. As the spring wore on it became clear that Senior year rights of passage like Prom and Class Day would be cancelled. It was only six days earlier that the Board of School Committee was able to approve plans for the graduation ceremony. READ MORE
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Down for the Count: Census is mandated by the U.S. Constitution – here’s why it matters

Bill Maddocks, a consultant to the New Hampshire Funders Forum, works with Complete Count Committees across the state.  The stakes are high, because federal funding for Community Development Block Grants, healthcare, schools, and transportation will all be based on the census count. Maddox estimates that for each person we miss, the state will lose about $37,000 over the next decade for each uncounted person. READ MORE
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Gardening in the time of coronavirus

With the arrival of Spring and lots of folks looking for something to do, it is not surprising that some people are considering starting a home vegetable garden, many for the first time. Emma Erler, the Education Center Program Coordinator for UNH Cooperative Extension says that they are receiving lots of calls from first-time gardeners. READ MORE