City Hall

Kate Desrochers running for Alderwoman At-Large: ‘My Why’

Monday, May 27, 2019 Kate Desrochers 1
I am choosing to continue to serve Manchester as Alderwoman at-large. I have confidence that I can represent the city as a whole with positivity; integrity; respect for all citizens; strength; and reasonableness.  For the past several years this position on the board has been vastly underserved. I am running to change that dynamic. READ MORE

Letters: MEA claim of second mediation day ‘false’

Wednesday, April 10, 2019 Kate Desrochers 1
I cannot fathom what would lead the MEA to claim that there was a second mediation day scheduled and that the BOSC Negotiations Subcommittee is refusing to attend.  This is simply false.  I am insulted that this is being suggested by the MEA. As someone who has always stood up for them and been in their corner, I can only say that my feelings are hurt and I am just at a loss for an explanation. READ MORE