Ed Kois: The Manchester VAMC whistleblower who changed everything

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 Jon Hopwood 0
Upon hearing of the death of Ed Kois, Manchester VAMC users and staff – like myself – must have experienced shock and sadness. It hit me very hard. And then – like me – they must have felt sad for Al. I thought of his sadness, thinking of the loss of Dr. Ed Kois, the whistleblower who changed everything because of his ally and friend the director, and the director who changed everything because of his ally and friend, the whistleblower.  READ MORE

Remembering ‘Mr. Baseball’, Part 1: The greatest Stathead ever

Friday, April 12, 2019 Jon Hopwood 1
Calling John Weekes “Mr. Baseball” was not to use a nickname: John won the title at a national competition of baseball aficionados in Los Angeles. One by one, like batters at a plate being mowed down by a great power pitcher, the contenders were retired. Finally, it was down to John and one other “Stathead.” The tie-breaker was to name all the World Series winners. John Weekes knew all of them, and much more. READ MORE