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Cat o’ Nine Tales

My pseudo-scientific study of the names of eBay bookselling handles, scribbled on slips of paper and tossed into a sawed-off cereal box, leads me to believe that the majority of online bookseller handles fall into four broad categories: books, history, Hollywood and, of course, cats. READ MORE


“Alas, Poor Yorick! Your Subscription Has Expired and So Have You

Saint Anselm English Professor Gary Bouchard has penned the entertaining What News Horatio? Dispatches from Beyond the Castle Walls. The book cleverly takes a real newspaper headline such as “Missing Brains Found in Texas” and uses it as a portal for verse that attempts to tell the story behind the headline in a “What dreams may come” style. In other words, he makes it up. Add a pinch of there’s something rotten in Denmark to the telling and the result is both classical and comical. READ MORE

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Ribbon cut on Waypoint Youth Resource Center and Emergency Shelter on Hanover Street

Waypoint President & CEO Borja Alvarez de Toledo and Major Joyce Craig were joined by approximately 125 staff, donors, architects, construction workers, politicians and interested Manchester citizens to celebrate the ribbon cutting at 298 Hanover St. on a 14-bed Youth Resource Center and Overnight Emergency Shelter. Seven of the beds are considered nightly while seven are available on a two-week basis. It is the only emergency shelter for youth and young adults in the state and will serve the age range of 12 to 24. The facility will be open 24/7. READ MORE