Point of View

The Art of the Meal

In this age of Orwellian cognitive dissonance, it’s vital to look out for Number One. When the smoke clears from the Amazon wildfires in 30 years, there will be no Amazon, Amazon Prime or Amazonian critters. Boo Hoo. There will, however, be you, and as a 21st-century hunter-gatherer everything is yours for the taking. READ MORE

Xena, Warrior Princess Dog
Point of View

Cat o’ Nine Tales

My pseudo-scientific study of the names of eBay bookselling handles, scribbled on slips of paper and tossed into a sawed-off cereal box, leads me to believe that the majority of online bookseller handles fall into four broad categories: books, history, Hollywood and, of course, cats. READ MORE


“Alas, Poor Yorick! Your Subscription Has Expired and So Have You

Saint Anselm English Professor Gary Bouchard has penned the entertaining What News Horatio? Dispatches from Beyond the Castle Walls. The book cleverly takes a real newspaper headline such as “Missing Brains Found in Texas” and uses it as a portal for verse that attempts to tell the story behind the headline in a “What dreams may come” style. In other words, he makes it up. Add a pinch of there’s something rotten in Denmark to the telling and the result is both classical and comical. READ MORE