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Rush Limbaugh: What one man could do – and did

No doubt the Limbaugh funeral will also draw some who simply wish to reassure themselves that the Limbaugh cadaver is really a corpse and that Rush is finally done talking, at least here on Earth. I heard someone on the TV say that Limbaugh’s was a voice of truth, “cutting through the noise.” Well, sometimes he was. At other times he was merely a megaphone amplifying the noise. READ MORE

Point of View

Cause and defect

Indeed, a single-minded devotion to individual freedom has left many well-meaning pro-life conservatives and libertarians tongue-tied when accused by “choicers” of contradiction between their devotion to freedom and small, limited government and their opposition to “freedom of choice” on abortion. READ MORE


Decoration Daze

Well, I’m no Mother Teresa or anything, but when I can buy a homeless soul a cup of coffee I usually ante up. And it happened at the time I had a load of coins weighing heavily in a pocket. I sorted through the pennies and nickels and came up with four quarters and a dime  —  enough at the nearby convenience store to buy a 99 cent cup of coffee plus eight or nine cents to pay the state of New Hampshire for the privilege of buying a cup of coffee in the “Live Free or Die” state. I handed it all over to him.  READ MORE