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The Soapbox: Discomfort can be the catalyst for change

As we remember Dr. King, how he navigated the tumultuous times he lived in and how he dreamed of a better future for all of us, I hope we remember the moments he called on us to move from our zone of comfort and lean into the discomfort of challenging ourselves, our family and friends, and our neighbors to grow beyond our sphere of experiences and to acknowledge the lived experiences of those whose ideologies are different than our own. READ MORE

The Soapbox

To my beautiful black daughters in Trump’s America

“So, my hope for the future of this country – and world – lies in you. It is in your unapologetic love of yourself and your culture. It is in the love you, and many others, are spreading through day-to-day interactions. It is in your revolutionary act of being … and not just being, but being happy and proud of who you are. And it is in the way you will continue to educate, speak out against injustice, and fight for the liberation of all people.” READ MORE