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Much ink has already been spilled about HB 544, the so-called ‘divisive concepts’ bill – here’s some more

As a longtime public school English teacher, I have a vested interest in whether this bill becomes a law.  As someone trained in the law, I have profound reservations about its constitutionality.  And as an active citizen in my community, I fear the bill will be used for nefarious partisan purposes that will have a significant chilling effect on the open exchange of ideas that is so critical to cultivating the next generation of active citizens, an outcome that I suspect is actually an objective of the bill’s sponsors.   READ MORE


Teacher, advocate, ambassador, legend: ‘The Ms. Naccach experience’ has made all the difference

If it were a city, it would be a big one – like New York.  Its Times Square would be the spot where the ground floors of the James and the Burns buildings intersect.  It is from a tiny, windowless office in that precise location that Selma Naccach-Hoff has chaired Central’s English department for roughly half of her 45-year career as a teacher and mentor to thousands of Manchester kids.  It is from this perspective that she has watched the rich pageant of four generations of American high school students march by day after day. READ MORE