The Madeleine Effect: A warm kitchen, a hungry child and the mystery of food memory

Something powerful can happen in these moments, especially now in a new year. In particular, coming off a challenging time, our catalog of memories in these days of isolation is what we have available to build upon. And now, as it was then, the potency of food memory is available through small, personal moments; a warm kitchen in a small town, as the snow falls outside our window, eating simple food with people you love and who love you back. READ MORE
365 Days of Mountain Mischief

Little makes a big contribution

In 1869, a prominent Manchester lawyer by the name of William Little – a well read man with an office right on Elm Street and a deep interest in meteorology – found himself in the position of being able to make a deep and historic contribution to Mount Washington history. Though he didn’t know it at the time. READ MORE
365 Days of Mountain Mischief

The Tragic Story of the Hesitant Photographer

“But something went terribly wrong. Peppersass had made it just passed the ladder when the old girl huffed her last breath. A tooth snapped perhaps, a gear bolt jumped the track and when she came down, there was nothing but the gravity between the men crowded into the contraption and the base camp one mile down. Peppersass had only one brake system and try as they might, the engineer – an aptly named big man named Jack Frost – could not slow her down. So they jumped, all of them, except Daniel Rossiter.” READ MORE