New poll workers step up to meet demand during pandemic

Poll workers are the semi-volunteer army of residents who issue ballots, register voters, and monitor voting machines at every polling station on Election Day. Cities and towns are responsible for hiring their own election workers, and the jobs are considered paid or volunteer depending on the community. Betsy McClain, Hanover’s town clerk, said her 120 poll workers don’t get cash, as per town custom. “We pay them in sugar cookies,” she said. READ MORE

The Question of QAnon: How deep do conspiracy theories run in NH politics?

QAnon adherents use #SaveTheChildren as a signal to spread conspiracies, such as that the global cabal of elites, Hollywood liberals, and prominent politicians are running a child sex-trafficking ring in order to obtain the blood of children. The QAnon adherents believe that the cabal of elites extract a life-prolonging drug from the blood of children who have been sexually abused. READ MORE