Who are those gun-toting dudes in Hawaiian shirts at protests? Depends on who you ask

Men associating themselves with the movement have been making news as the country has erupted into protests over the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd, and African American with arrests of armed Boogaloo adherents in Las Vegas and in Colorado in recent days. Boogaloo Bois, as they are called, have even been spotted at the State House during the protests over Gov. Chris Sununu’s stay at home orders to control the COVID-19 pandemic.  READ MORE
City Hall

Shaheen says help is on the way for struggling cities and towns

Mayor Joyce Craig said while the revenues are likely going down, her city and others have laid out money to cover the costs associated with the pandemic response. Those costs can range from money to pay first responders, to pay for personal protective equipment, and cleaning and disinfection of public spaces. There’s also the costs being pushed down onto the school districts. READ MORE