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Reinforcing the power within: NH Roller Derby’s origin story, and why these women skate

If your flashbacks of roller derby are banked tracks and fistfights take a second look at the roller derby of today, where flat tracks have gained popularity and its sports entertainment theatricality is no more. Regardless of its less-aggressive upgrade, its essence remains the same, recovering, reclaiming, and reinforcing the power within.  READ MORE


Who are the women that made you? A conversation with Larissa Baia of Lake Region Community College

No woman is an island. In reviewing life’s tapestry we discover the women who have and continue to play significant roles in our soul’s growth. Some we have known since birth; some joined us along life’s journey, while others appeared in auspicious timing, with a necessary word or conversation relevant during a crucial moment. They may be part of the family we are born into, a family we chose, or a combination of both.  READ MORE