‘They All Laughed:’ The Enchanting Ella Fitzgerald

During the amateur hour, in 1934, on a dare, a  homeless girl, in a dirty dress, took the stage at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Originally she had planned to dance as her performance, but after realizing she was no competition for the dancing duo of The Edward Sisters, she decided instead to sing, unknowingly catapulting herself into a life-altering trajectory. That night she silenced the packed 1500-seat theatre. The rest, as they say, is history. READ MORE

Kile Adumene reflects on Pathways for Healing, her own journey, and the need for inclusive recovery services

Kile Adumene’s extraordinary life experience operated as a bridge to her current role as head counselor of Pathways For Healing, a substance abuse pilot program ending on December 30, 2020, that utilizes community outreach workers as liaisons, specifically speaking to clients from multiple ethnicities in their native tongue. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Adumene about her active involvement with the SUD (substance use disorder) community. READ MORE

The effortless elegance of Nat King Cole: An interview with twin daughters Casey and Timolin Cole 

Is there a more perfect anthem to usher in the Christmas season than icon Nat King  Cole’s The Christmas Song?  Ask almost anyone  their opinion and the answer is resoundingly similar, “I love that song.” Soft billowing violins entwine silken strings of dream-like chords, in an orchestration of emotion, gently transporting us to a nostalgic destination the likes that many of us have never truly known. Yet, somehow we intuitively find resonance with, which enchantingly until its end, there is no escape.  READ MORE