Artist Kylie Cropper: Journey of self-discovery has been one of enlightenment and pain

Kylie Cropper’s journey to and navigation in New Hampshire has been one of meaningful self-discovery. Born in Washington, D.C., with the heart of an art artist, Cropper is now a senior at the Institute of Art and Design at New England College and Design (formerly the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester), a place that has taught her many things, and where she says she has faced racial challenges during her four-year tenure. READ MORE


‘They All Laughed:’ The Enchanting Ella Fitzgerald

During the amateur hour, in 1934, on a dare, a  homeless girl, in a dirty dress, took the stage at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem. Originally she had planned to dance as her performance, but after realizing she was no competition for the dancing duo of The Edward Sisters, she decided instead to sing, unknowingly catapulting herself into a life-altering trajectory. That night she silenced the packed 1500-seat theatre. The rest, as they say, is history. READ MORE