A Class in ... Class!

‘Island in the Sun’: A controversial film for its time, with scandal, secrets and tropical splendor

The 20th Century Fox film, “Island in the Sun” (1957), was produced by Darryl F. Zanuck and directed by Robert Rossen, based on the novel of the same name by Alec Waugh, starring Harry Belafonte, James Mason, Dorothy Dandridge, and Dame Joan Collins. It was one of the most racially controversial films shown in Hollywood for its historical timeframe.  READ MORE
A Class in ... Class!

The guilty pleasure of ‘Daisy Clover’

Often associated with a “Valley of The Dolls”-type of quality, the Warner Brothers 1965 film “Inside Daisy Clover,” generally receives a somewhat worthy bad rap for it’s inflated acting and overall camp.  It “is” a bit overacted, it “is” a bit campy, it could even teeter on cult-ish. However, once you’ve come to that acceptance, then Daisy doesn’t hurt so much. READ MORE

Remember her name: Jasmen Hunter ready to make her mark on Hollywood

In her corner are two Manchester backers who know the ropes — performer Jodi Katz and Hollywood impresario Mark Schoenfeld, and much like a prizefighter, Hunter has come out swinging. But, just as she was on the precipice of notoriety, illness took hold, forcing her to temporarily suspend her dreams. However, counting her out would be a miscalculated mistake. Confident and tenacious, Hunter is facing her setback due to Lyme disease with fierce defiance, unwilling to allow opportunity to pass her by. READ MORE