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Patient Centered: Southern NH Health’s McHugh reflects on mission, health care environment 

With a background that includes leadership experience at some of the region’s most significant health care providers as well as insurers, Colin McHugh brings a broad perspective to the table as president and CEO of Southern NH Health. And while some areas of medicine – particularly how it is paid for – can be increasingly complex, McHugh’s laser focus is ensuring that the patient and their individual needs remain front and center. READ MORE

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A journey toward better health: BEMER technology heals from within

Treatments for pain are as varied as its causes and chances are, you’ve tried many.  One thing you probably haven’t tried involved is improving your microcirculation. Microcirculation brings oxygen and other nutrients throughout your body. So, an important process. On the other hand, when microcirculation is not at peak performance, you might not be getting what you need for maintaining your health. READ MORE