Queens of coffee ready for new subjects as ‘Cafe la Reine – North End’ prepares for August launch

Last week Alex Horton signed a lease for the former Blake’s Restaurant at 53 Hooksett Road along with Dominique Gibson, general manager at the Elm Street cafe. Gibson is in charge of nesting at the new space, which will be a full-service restaurant focused on brunch and lunch, a full bar including brunch cocktails, and the same coffee, espresso, and tea menu featured at their downtown location, which isn’t going anywhere. READ MORE


At scene of property search connected to Harmony Montgomery: ‘I just pray they find her’

The reality of the grim case leads to the thought of where Harmony could be, a thought that has haunted so many of those who found their way to the block on Tuesday morning, where detectives set up tents in the front to protect from plain view the entryway of the apartment building, and in the back parking lot, where a Manchester Fire vehicle was parked near a red tent. READ MORE