Point of View

Why I’m running for state rep

I love New Hampshire and believe that it can once again thrive using the same free-market principles that have led to its success to this point. I believe that we can overcome any challenge because of our ingenuity, our toughness, our resourcefulness, and our independence. These things give us the ability to get through things and come out better.  READ MORE


Who wants to join me in moving Manchester Forward?

My vision for Manchester Forward is that it will be a non-political organization that will help Manchester move forward and become a great place to live and raise a family by helping improve our overall quality of life, (Manchester Forward will not endorse any candidate or position based on political affiliation). The three things that Manchester Forward will focus on, as mentioned earlier, will be celebrate, honor, and advocate. READ MORE

Around Town

With city elections on the horizon, survey says: ‘Decisions are made by those who show up’

Everyone has a different experience with their alderman as well as with various elected officials in our city, and the fact is that there are people who do not feel represented, and very well may not be as represented as they could be. But if we get involved and inform ourselves we can better impact our city elections and keep our city moving forward. READ MORE