Forward Focus

What is distinct about Manchester?

Manchester is distinct in many ways, and it’s that distinctiveness that makes it special. It is my hope that the company selected to develop branding for our city, (North Star Place Branding of Jacksonville, FL), does it justice by not only holding community-wide events, such as the one recently held at the Rex Theatre, but that they actually go into the various neighborhoods to experience our distinctiveness for themselves. READ MORE

Forward Focus

Path to self-sufficiency?

Lately, I have known a few people who have had to utilize the “social safety net” because of sudden job loss or other situations where the ability to afford basic necessities for their families became a major struggle. (It doesn’t help that the cost of living has increased across the board). READ MORE


Here we go: It’s election season!

Any election cycle in Manchester can be interesting (and for people like me who love this stuff, somewhat exciting) but this year is special. I am not calling this year special because it is the year before state and federal elections (although it will be interesting to see if outgoing Mayor Craig runs for governor and if Governor Sununu runs for president). READ MORE

Forward Focus

Who decides?

Last week I was reading about how a former mayor of Cranston, Rhode Island, is running for the 2024 Republican nomination for president. Within the article were the words “long shot.” So I started thinking about why he was labeled as a long shot. Shouldn’t he have as good of a chance as any to become president of these United States? READ MORE


Ideas for a growing city, but who pays?

Even though vision is free, I do understand that if vision is to become reality, at some point, financial investments will need to be made. While thinking about this, I have come up with some ideas on how projects could be funded. Because I do not believe that the government should be expected to pay for everything, I will be presenting multiple ideas. READ MORE


Multitasking to enhance life in Manchester

Part of what makes a city great in my opinion is the constant motion (or the always present “hustle and bustle” of a city). There is always something going on. In a community, as in a business or in life, I believe that many things can happen at once. So when I hear the comment that we as a city cannot move forward until the issues are resolved, I simply disagree. We cannot miss opportunities because we are blinded by that “one thing” that needs to be resolved. READ MORE


Let’s make Manchester even better…

I believe that we can work on solving the ongoing issues of addiction and homelessness while working on the continued development of our city so that it is an even better place for all. (As a city, we need to be able to do both. Yes, we have issues, but we also have opportunities that should not be overlooked or ignored because we are too focused on solving issues. (Of course, I say this as an optimist). READ MORE