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The Soapbox: The way we’re addressing homelessness is like the plot of ‘Groundhog Day’

I didn’t want to write anything today. Then I got a text message and a voicemail from two separate people around Manchester telling me they are living in their cars with no place to go. I am a community organizer with Rights & Democracy, not a social worker, but people are increasingly coming to me for help – help I’m unable to provide. READ MORE


My take on Victoria Sullivan’s comments to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen on Sept. 6

I’ve written to Manchester InkLink about homelessness before and today will be no different. As I write this on September 7th, I’m still reflecting on the public testimony from last night’s Manchester Board of Mayor and Alderman meeting. Several testimonies came from a place of frustration toward the city from the perspective of homeless allies. Others were neutral, and a few were downright malicious to the homeless. One of such was Victoria Sullivan’s speech.  READ MORE

Point of View

The Soapbox: Breaking down the Affordable Housing Task Force Report

We also appreciate that Mayor Craig acknowledges “housing as a fundamental human right,” which is the core value of our housing alliance. While this acknowledgment is vital, we must take meaningful steps to make that right available to all. Slogans are nice but are meaningless without action. We face a time when developers and landlords are taking advantage of a tight market to profit off of what we deem to be a human right.  READ MORE