Does NH need to license massage establishments?

For several years the New Hampshire Legislature has considered bills to license massage establishments, similar to how the state licenses nail salons and barbershops. At first glance this seems like many other licensing debates, with tension between public health and government overreach. A deeper look uncovers an ongoing discussion over how to fight human trafficking in the Granite State. READ MORE

Woman in Blue and White Stripe Tank Top Driving Car

Should parents be allowed to teach driver education?

During the COVID-19 emergency Gov. Sununu allowed parts of driver education to take place online or with a parent. Those adjustments ended along with the state of emergency, but some legislators believe the allowances should go even further. Ten state legislators are sponsoring a bill that would let parents provide all of driver education instead of enrolling their teen in an approved course. READ MORE


Is it time to update the NH Constitution?

Every year in the New Hampshire Legislature there are about a dozen proposals to amend the state’s constitution. That may seem like a lot of changes to the basic rights and structure of government in our state, but some of America’s founding fathers believed a constitution should get regular updates.  In honor of Constitution Day, here’s a look at constitutional changes in the Granite State. READ MORE