Manchester political powerhouse Judy Reardon passes away at 64

Manchester resident Judy Reardon passed away Friday at the age of 64 after a long period of illness. She was best known for her lifelong contributions to Manchester and New Hampshire politics, most notably her tenure as political strategist and Chief Counsel to U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). But to State Representative Patty Cornell (D-Manchester), Reardon was a little sister, horror film buff, and adventurer. READ MORE

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Haylie Bouldin, 18 (or so): Loved chicken, barking, sunshine and riding shotgun on her mom’s shoulder

Miss Haylie Bouldin crossed over the rainbow bridge Dec. 8 after 18 years of joyful life, the loving best friend to Epsom resident Linda Bouldin. Haylie’s greatest delight was being with Linda’s granddaughter, Sophia Biondolillo, but she also loved chicken, barking, laying in the sun, and most especially, riding on Linda’s shoulder in the car. READ MORE

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The Soapbox: Live Free or Pretend

After the Revolutionary War and the establishment of this country, only a very few wealthy white men enjoyed the right to vote and own property. Has the Union Leader forgotten the Civil War, the civil rights movement, and women rallying for the right to vote? If “all men” always meant “all people” as the Union Leader suggests, why were these movements necessary? READ MORE

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Sweeney Post feeding those in need

Amanda Bouldin, state representative for Manchester, has been doing her part making sure about 60 families in the city are getting a weekly food box, but she is starting to need help. Bouldin helps out with the annual Shire Sharing program to make sure people get Thanksgiving food, and she knows there are people hungry every week. READ MORE