It’s time to vote: Do your homework

Tomorrow New Hampshire citizens will be going to the polls to determine who will represent us in our town governments, the State House, and Washington, DC. When I first moved to New Hampshire 32 years ago, elections were an altogether different experience than they are today. Negative ads were tame by comparison, and local elections were pretty non-partisan. Today, we seem to choose people who will make truly consequential decisions that impact every constituent based on ideology and nothing more. Bi-partisanship and collaboration are openly mocked and discouraged. I do not fully understand how we got to this place, and I don’t know how we get out of it, but I know that we must try if we wish to preserve our democratic ideals. READ MORE

Point of View

The Soapbox: Why I’m voting for June Trisciani for State Senate

There are many important issues the State legislature will be asked to address in the next few years, primary among them are education, affordable housing, and health care. To do this, we need fresh perspectives and legislators who can foster productive and civil dialogue and who act in the best interest not only of their constituents, but for all of New Hampshire’s citizens. For this reason, I will vote for June Trisciani for State Senate. READ MORE