A son’s questions answered: ‘What was it like to be a first-responder on 9/11 in New York City?’

I remember Ms. Macrepole stepping in and out of the classroom with her TV on low in the corner. I remember the parents coming to pick up their children early but not understanding why. I remember stumbling in the door to see my father scrambling with his bags, his SWAT uniform on, while my mother cried. I remember my dad hugging us before he left, while my mom tried to explain that some very bad men had tried to hurt our country. Now, 19 years later, I am sitting down with my father, retired Sergeant Michael Paul Biron of the Manchester NH Police Department to discuss the day his SWAT unit was called to New York City.  READ MORE

Entertainment in Manchester circa the 1940s: Reflecting on 90 years of life with my pepere, Ed Neveu

Sitting across the same wooden coffee table that has existed in his house for several decades,  I readied my recorder knowing just how precious these words will mean to me as I grow older and my grandfather becomes another year closer to a century. I started with asking him about his experiences with music as he is always fascinated with the fact that our iPhones act more like a speaker than a true phone. READ MORE