August 10 is National S’Mores Day

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National s’mores day is celebrated on August 10, and while it is easy to fix this campfire classic at home, the Queen City offers up some creative options.

Cupcakes remain a hot trend and perfect for a hybrid s’more. In the Queen City, cupcakes shops tend to be closed on Sundays and Mondays, but offer their full selection on Saturdays.

Cupcakes 101 will have s’mores cupcakes tomorrow. These treats are a milk chocolate cupcake with marshmallow cream center, graham cracker buttercream frosting, topped with a toasted marshmallow and drizzled in dark chocolate.  $2.75 each, or $30 a dozen

S’more cupcake @ Dulce Bakery

Dulces Bakery will have their s’more cupcakes on Saturday too,  $2 each

Gone Baking, the mobile cupcake truck, offers a ‘Gone Camping’ cupcake with layers of s’more goodness. Available by the dozen, with two days notice.

Alley Cat Pizzeria – has been turning out their popular s’more pizza for years. Here pizza dough is given a sugar crust, and topped with melted chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. One size, $7.20.

S'mores pizza @ 900 Degrees
S’mores pizza @ 900 Degrees

900 Degrees has brought their popular s’mores pizza back.  A Phantom Gourmet favorite, this treat is priced at $7.95 for a small and $11.95 for a large.

KC’s Rib Shack takes s’mores to the next level with the ‘campfire at your table s’mores’ – all the fixins’ with a Hibachi and skewers.  Four s’mores for $8 or eight s’mores for $11.

Portland Pie Company’s s’mores dessert pie offers layers of fluff, chocolate chips and marshmallows, finished with a graham cracker crumble and chocolate drizzle, on top of a butter baked pie crust for $8.99.

S’more fans, bookmark this: Bedford Village Inn will be hosting a chic Bonfire on the Patio every Friday and Saturday in October and November evening, complete with Adirondack chairs, flannel blankets, live music, and beautiful New Hampshire Fall weather, and s’mores! The Bonfire menu includes s’mores prepared at your own fireside.

S’more facts: Who invented the s’more? Like with most culinary wonders, no one really knows for sure, though the first recorded s’mores recipe appeared in a 1927 Girl Scout handbook. But, marshmallow and chocolate and graham crackers had been paired long before that; in 1913 the Mallomar cookie was introduced to market, followed by the Moon Pie in 1917.

Gone Camping @ Gone Baking
Gone Camping @ Gone Baking

The Guinness World Record category for largest s’more was set in 2003. This s’more weighed 1,600 pounds and used 20,000 marshmallows and 7,000 chocolate bars. Guinness retired the category after that. In 2007, a larger s’more was made, but not recognized by Guinness, to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Virginia State Parks. This s’more measured 1,936 square feet, and used 55,000 graham crackers, 40,000 marshmallows and 8,000 Hershey’s chocolate bars.

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