Get relief from ‘Bad Shakespeare Syndrome’ during Aug. 2 ‘Interactive Three Musketeers’

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Interactive Three Musketeers, now playing at North End Montessori, Aug. 2.
A Scene from ‘Love’s Labor Lost’ played out at North End Montessori School by MCTP on July 19.

MANCHESTER, NH – If you’re looking for something completely different, consider attending the Manchester Community Theatre Players production of “Interactive Three Musketeers,” Aug. 2 at North End Montessori School, 698 Beech St. “Doors” open at 6 p.m. for picnic supper. Show starts promptly at 6:30 p.m., rain or shine.

North End Monterssori, 698 Beech St.
North End Monterssori, 698 Beech St.

To understand what this minimalist take on the Bard is all about, it’s probably best to understand what it is not.

To that end, Manchester Community Theatre Players have devised the following pop-quiz to help you determine whether you suffer from “Bad Shakespeare Syndrome” (BSS).


Do you suffer from Bad Bard Syndrome?
Do you suffer from Bad Bard Syndrome?

1. Do you hate Shakespeare?

2. Think he’s boring, long, hard to understand and way too “old school”?

3. Are you asking yourself, “Shakespeare who”?

4. Were you scarred by a Hamlet pop-quiz in high school?

5. Have you had one too many date nights ruined by interminable productions of plays whose names/plots/characters you can’t even remember?

6. Antipholus-Autolycus? Gremio-Grumio? Cassio-Cassius? Are these REALLY names?

7. When approaching Shakespeare, are there too many thees, thous, foresooths and fardles for your comfort level?

8. Exhausted from trying to follow who is the twin of who and why are they in disguise and what the &%* is going on here, anyway??

9. Do all of the words coming out of Shakespearean actors’ mouths sound like “Blah blah blah”?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or just skipped the quiz altogether, because you hate quizzes) you may be suffering from Bad Shakespeare Syndrome.

The remedy?

All the world's a stage, during "Interactive Three Musketeers," including the playground equipment.
All the world’s a stage, during “Shakespeare in the Park,” performances, including the playground equipment.

Join the revolution and just say “no” to productions that focus on technology, smoke machines, rear-screen projections and flying harnesses. Theatre Under the Stars is leading the “Ban Bad Bard” revolution, bringing you instead: “Bare Bones Bard” including minimal lights, sets, props – and nothing directing your eye to a specific place.

That’s right: Shakespeare unplugged brings you virtually nothing to distract you from the power, force, vibrancy and innate musicality of the spoken word.

“Interactive Three Musketeers” puts you in the driver’s seat as you help to guide the storyline, all while under mostly Renaissance conditions. That means a rustic stage, minimal to no rehearsals, (mostly) natural light, gorgeous costumes and actors who really understand and connect with the words, each other and the audience.

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Manchester Community Theatre Players (MCTP) provides theatrical performance and instructional opportunities in acting, vocal performance, dance, orchestra, and technical theatre without production fees which might discourage financially challenged youth or adults, to residents of Manchester and the surrounding communities.

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