Attention UNH Manchester students: This guy!

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As seen at the UNH Manchester campus.
As seen at the UNH Manchester campus.

MANCHESTER, NH – The above poster is one of many reportedly spotted hanging up at UNH Manchester campus on Nov. 18, advising students that Jonathan Dearborn, recently released from Valley Street Jail, is suspected of several theft crimes around the city, including on the college campus.

It also advises students not to leave valuables unattended.

According to the Union Leader archives, Dearborn was homeless when he was arrested in Aug. of 2013  after allegedly stealing a cell phone from a UPS truck. He was caught a short time later crawling through a window at a Prospect Street residence, charged with resisting arrest and theft. At that time he was also charged with a prior offense, involving the theft of a cell phone from an acquaintance, and also from a store at the Mall of New Hampshire, and then taking money for the sale of the stolen phones.

He was held at that time on $25,000 cash bail due to an earlier theft conviction for which he had been given a suspended 12-month sentence. He also had prior convictions including stalking, willful concealment, and criminal trespass.

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