Artists Muse: Joe Dakin ‘Charred’ Climate Change, Part 2

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In this second of four-part series, Manchester Ink Link Climate Change is explored through an artist’s perspective. In “Digital” and “Charred” Joe Dakin focuses his lens on mother nature taking back human-built structures and he succinctly addresses the catastrophic damage already done.

If you haven’t yet seen his bio, you can find more on NH Artist Joe Dakin here.


IMG 20190515 111200
Poetry and Photography by | Joe Dakin


As the world burns,
People complain,
Where do they turn?
The cyber plain.




IMG 20200529 123313 1
Poetry and Photography by | Joe Dakin


The air we used to love and cherish,
Polluted and black,
Burns the lungs and eyes,
Before we realize,
Think back.
What else shares the air?
That’s when you learn,
Charred and burned,
Animals and plants,
From the inside out,
They just can’t make complaints.

About this Author

Joe Dakin


I’m an artist inspired by community and the world around us. I try to use art as a gateway for conversation, a way to say something but by using the mediums I use to create. I’m a printmaker by trade but currently following a path of photography and poetry, expanding to other methods as I discover them. A lot of my work typically focuses on our big problem of climate change. This is a topic I hope to bring to everyone’s attention, forcing the conversation. Nature is my focus, building a strong community through this conversation is my goal.