Artists Muse: Climate Change

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Welcome to Manchester Ink Link’s Arts and Culture newest perspective.

Looking at the world from the artists’ point of view, our new series looks at how Artists can take action by raising awareness on issues that impact the world around us. First up is a series on climate change. With photos and poems from NH Artist, Joe Dakin. You can find more of his work online on his website and on Instagram @8.0.eStudios

Indeed, you may have already seen some of his work.  Joe Dakin was part of the mural festival team creating temporary mural art on the Lemay Building on Elm Street. 



IMG 20200101 130100
Poetry and Photography by | Joe Dakin


You’re worried about the melting ice in your drink,
Mother nature worries about the ice caps melting in to the ocean,
The world is on the brink,
With the oceans in motion,
Flooding the land like a drink overflows,
You’re no longer thirsty,
Just as,
The land will no longer be in a drought,

~Joe Dakin




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