Another Saturday Night & they did have somebody

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You know that old Cat Stevens song...

Another Saturday night and I ain’t got nobody I got some money ’cause i just got paid How I wish I had someone to talk to. I’m in an awful way…

Well, last night 10,000 Candles for New Hampshire gathered to share stories and songs and messages of hope and encouragement. Even if some were in an awful way, they had a community of support waiting for them.

They gathered in remembrance of those friends and family members whose lost lives have left an awful gaping hole in their hearts.   It was an evening of live music and messaging to raise awareness that “the Antidote for Deaths of Despair is Human Connection” but it was also a chance to heal and to share among a supportive community of people.

Because it was recorded and live streamed over facebook, it lives even now on the internet and you can see it here  or you can just scroll through these screen captures to get a feel for how community can gather virtually and safely even in the middle of a pandemic.  If so moved, you can donate here.

RecoverYida is recovery & media in a powerful blend of narrative and art and stories of despair turned to triumph, giving hope to those in need. The first step is recognizing you need help and reaching out to ask for it.

The opening musical act Decatur Creek
A very moving presentation by Anne Marie
Over 300 portraits by Anne Marie Zanfagna. Angels of Addictions
Matt Conway was host guiding through strong emotions, seamless transitions and the professional production.

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