Amoskeag Health receives $5K Pediatric Dental Grant from Northeast Delta Dental Foundation

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MANCHESTER, NH — Northeast Delta Dental Foundation awarded Amoskeag Health a $5,000 grant to continue its work providing access to dental health care services for pediatric patients. This grant will support dental referral services for Amoskeag Health’s pediatric patients as well as the cost of routine procedures not covered by insurance.

Scientific evidence proves that good oral hygiene links directly to good physical health and well-being. Amoskeag Health believes that all people deserve access to dental services in order to achieve their best overall health. Oral health guidance begins in our Prenatal Care program with maternal education for mom and baby. Unfortunately, so many of the nearly 6,000 children in our care are already experiencing a lack of dental hygiene and oral health education.

As providers of comprehensive health care including vision, dental, and mental health, Amoskeag Health fights poor oral health with education at wellness visits, distribution of oral health kits to patients as young as 18 months, and referrals for dental services. Through established partnerships, Amoskeag Health patients with no insurance, Medicaid, or limited dental insurance are able to attain affordable treatment, offset by funding available through our Dental Referral Program.

In order to address the immediate needs of our pediatric patients, Northeast Delta Dental Foundation funds will cover costs for initial and follow-up oral health services for children in the Greater Manchester area. While Amoskeag Health does not directly provide dental care, we have strong community relationships with dental practices who have the experience and expertise to provide these high-quality services; among them are Easterseals Oral Health Center, Catholic Medical Center’s Poisson Dental Facility, Haas Dental Associates and Lindner Dental Associates, P.C.

“Any primary care provider will tell you that it is critical that we not disconnect the head from the rest of the body, and that includes optometric care, behavioral health care, and in this instance, your oral health. Your oral health directly links to your overall health and wellness. Northeast Delta Dental Foundation’s grant will assist us in continuing these life-changing services for our pediatric patients who lack the insurance needed to cover this care,” said Kris McCracken, CEO and President of Amoskeag Health. “We are so proud of the partnerships we share with local dentists in our community who work with us to meet our patients’ immediate dental needs. We are incredibly grateful that the Northeast Delta Dental Foundation sees the importance of funding this essential service.”

Amoskeag Health serves nearly 15,000 patients annually, over 5,700 of these are pediatric patients. Families are offered language interpretation during appointments, assistance with insurance and bill pay, as well as access to numerous in-house services including eye care, foot care, and mental health services.

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Amoskeag Health is a nonprofit 501(c) (3) federally qualified health center offering high-quality, comprehensive, and family-oriented primary health care and support services since 1993. Founded in 1980, Amoskeag Health at The Dr. Selma Deitch Center for Children & Teens, formerly Child Health Services, is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of at-risk children. Through all of its programs, Amoskeag Health serves over 15,000 patients annually at four locations in Manchester. For more information visit

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