Amherst man threatened members of Congress

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US District Court in Concord. File Photo

AMHERST, NH – An Amherst man, upset about President Trump’s election loss, allegedly left his name and phone number – along with profanity-laced comments – when leaving threatening voicemails for members of Congress.

Ryder Winegar, 33, of Juniper Drive in Amherst was arrested Monday in Boston by federal agents after he was recorded threatening six members of Congress, according to the complaint filed in the United States District Court in Concord.

Hey, [Congress Member 1]. Uh, this is Ryder Winegar at 603-XXX-XXX. Uh, you better support Donald Trump as your president. There has been massive fraud in this country. And if you don’t support it, we’re going to drag you out and we’re going to hang you by your neck to die. Good luck,” Winegar is recorded on one voicemail.

The complaint filed in court does not name the members of Congress Winegar allegedly threatened. Manchester InkLink is not publishing Winegar’s telephone number, which is filed in the court record.

Between midnight and 2 a.m. on Dec. 16, Winegar made phone calls to various members of Congress threatening them with violence, and promising more violence in the streets, if they did not support President Donald Trump’s false claims that he won the election.

Winegar additionally made claims that Jewish people were behind the alleged fraud that cost Trump the elections, and expressed homophobic ideas and skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccinations. In nearly all of the calls he threatened the members of Congress with hanging or some other form of death if they did not comply.

“Uh, but also, really, we’re going to hang all you motherfuckers. And it really, really, it boils down to two camps. You either support our president, support liberty, and fuck this global homo, uh, vaccination Jewish agenda, or you’re not. In which case we’re going to fucking kill you,” Winegar is recorded as saying.

In one recording, Winegar claims to be a Navy veteran.

It’s not known if Winegar was part of the insurrection that took place last week in Washington, D.C., in which members of a pro-Trump mob stormed the United States Capitol building, interrupting the certification of the electoral college not in favor of President-elect Joe Biden. During the insurrection, a gallows was erected and members of the mob were seen with firearms, pipe bombs, and zip ties in order to take prisoners.

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