Alleged shoplifter whacks store clerk with wine bottle

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MANCHESTER, NH — A woman who was intoxicated faces multiple charges after a May 15 incident at the Kenoco Gas Station on Elm Street.

At around 8 p.m. Manchester Police was dispatched to the Kenoco at 570 Elm St. for a report of a woman throwing items around the store. When the officer arrived he found Beth Whittaker, 25,  pacing in the back of the store. When the officer identified himself, Whittaker allegedly walked “aggressively toward him,” grabbed a bag of charcoal, and threw it at the officer, missing him.

The officer deployed his Taser but it had no effect on Whittaker, described as “intoxicated” by police. She then got a large glass bottle of S. Pellegrino water and “held it over her head like a club,” and screamed at the officer to get away from her. At that point, the officer brought her to the ground and placed her under arrest.

Police then assisted the store clerk who was holding an ice pack to his nose. The clerk told police Whittaker came into the store, picked up a few items, and ran out the door. The clerk said he went after her, grabbed her by the backpack and dragged her back into the store. 

As he called police he said Whittaker tried to run again and when he stopped her, she started screaming and throwing things around the store. The clerk says Whittaker took a bottle of red wine and swung it down, hitting him in the face. The clerk had a bloody nose but refused medical treatment.

Whittaker was charged with first-degree assault, criminal threatening, criminal mischief, theft by unauthorized taking, resisting arrest and violation of bail conditions. Whittaker was to be arraigned in Manchester Circuit Court Thursday morning, and then, to make an afternoon appearance in Hillsborough Superior Court – North for the felony charges, police said.