All safe after gas smell leads to discovery of elevated carbon monoxide inside home

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MANCHESTER, NH – A family escaped unharmed after elevated levels of carbon monoxide were detected inside their home on April 12.

According to fire officials the occupants of 55 McIntyre Ct. called 911 at 12:33 a.m. when they smelled what they thought was natural gas. The odor was determined to be from a malfunctioning oil boiler which produced elevated levels (260 ppm) of carbon monoxide (CO). The family did have working CO detectors in their home.

Fire crews determined the source of the CO and disabled that source. The home was ventilated to ‘0’ ppm readings which allowed the family to return to their home at the conclusion of the incident. Fire/EMS crews evaluated the patients and recommended one to seek further medical treatment.

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None, fortunately this family had working CO detectors in their home. CO is a colorless/odorless product of combustion that can be fatal if exposed to elevated levels such as was found at this residence.

Fire officials take this opportunity to remind all residents to make sure that they have working carbon monoxide detectors on every level of their home.

Resources dispatched included Engine 10, Rescue 1. Truck 1, District Chief, ALS