AG’s office issues voter alert after reports of rogue mailers containing absentee ballot applications

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Above: Example of mailer flagged by the AG’s office.

CONCORD, NH – The Attorney General’s Office has been notified that some New Hampshire residents have received unidentified mailers containing an absentee ballot application form with an allegedly handwritten note. The message on the note states, “You are needed please fill this out and mail it in.”

The mailer also contains a return envelope with the recipient’s town or city clerk in the address block.

State law requires that a mailing such as this contain the identity of the entity mailing and distributing the form. No such identification accompanies the attached mailer.

The Attorney General’s Office has received inquiries from election officials and voters regarding this mailer. Voters should be aware that these unidentified mailers have not been sent by New Hampshire town or city clerks. These unidentified mailers have not been sent by any State agency.

NH Assistant Attorney General Nicholas Chong Yen said the absentee applications arriving in people’s mailboxes are the same forms available on the NH Secretary of State Office. The caution to voters is that the AG’s office has not determined who is sending them out or the scope of the mailing.

If you happened to use one of these applications to request a ballot you should receive a legitimate ballot from your town/city clerk.

“People should contact their city clerk to confirm their application was received,” says Chong Yen, adding that voters double-check the accuracy of the address for your city/town on the envelope.

“We’re standing by to help voters with any questions,” Chong Yen said.

If you have sent in your absentee ballot you should track it via the Secretary of State’s website. You can also go ti your clerk’s office and fill out the application and ballot in person.

Voters receiving this unidentified mailer who have already requested and/or submitted an absentee ballot need not complete another absentee ballot application form. Voters can check the status of their absentee ballot here:

Voters can find the contact information for their local town or city clerk here:

Information about absentee ballots can be found here:

Voters are reminded that the Attorney General’s Office and Secretary of State’s Office are the official resources available to all New Hampshire voters and election officials for guidance and assistance regarding election-related issues or concerns ahead of the General Election on November 3, 2020.

Voters with questions or concerns are urged to contact the Attorney General’s Election hotline:  1-866-868-3703 (1-866-VOTER03). In the event a caller receives voicemail, the caller should leave a message. Attorneys in the office will address each message received.  Inquiries and complaints may also be submitted via email at