AG releases videos, 28-page final report, in 2014 fatal stabbing of Christopher Gagnon

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NH AG cell phone video “Gagnon 1” from Carol Robidoux on Vimeo. – The video above and a second one, below, were recorded by an eyewitness using his cell phone, and depicts portions of the encounter between Christopher Gagnon and the people who he was with, and Stephen O’Neill and Tristan Stone, on the evening of February 2, 2014. The events contemporaneously recorded in these videos occurred shortly before Mr. O’Neill stabbed and killed Mr. Gagnon. AG Warning: this video shows an intense and ultimately violent confrontation and include language and images that may be unacceptable or troubling to viewers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are two cell phone videos provided by the NH Attorney General’s office included with this news release, as part of the substantiating evidence. They are unedited and contain explicit language.

MANCHESTER, NH – The final report has been completed regarding the investigation into the fatal stabbing of Christopher Gagnon by Stephen O’Neill that occurred on February 2, 2014 [read full report below.]

On October 22, 2014, the Attorney General’s Office issued a news release stating that based upon the investigation conducted, no homicide charges would be brought in connection with Mr. Gagnon’s death. That news release also indicated that Mr. O’Neill and a second man, Tristan Stone, had been indicted on multiple non-homicide felony charges in connection with their conduct on the evening of Mr. Gagnon’s death, after the Attorney General’s Office had referred its investigative file to the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office for consideration of possible non-homicide charges.

Lastly, the news release indicated that when the legal proceedings against Mr. O’Neill and Mr. Stone concluded, the Attorney General’s Office would issue its final report on Mr. Gagnon’s death with the associated findings and reasoning behind the decision not to seek homicide charges. Those legal proceedings have ended, permitting the issuance of a final report.

NH AG cell phone video “Gagnon 2” from Carol Robidoux on Vimeo.

The 28-page report concludes that based upon all of the evidence obtained during the course of the investigation, Mr. O’Neill stabbed Mr. Gagnon under circumstances by which the State would be unable to disprove Mr. O’Neill’s legal claim of self-defense beyond a reasonable doubt and thus Mr. O’Neill cannot be charged with Mr. Gagnon’s homicide.

The two videos referenced in the final report, which were taken by cellular telephone prior to the altercation in which Mr. O’Neill stabbed and killed Mr. Gagnon, included here, provided by the Department of Justice. Note: Videos contain explicit adult language and have not been edited for content.

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