Our advertisers love us because we make it easy, fast and fun to get your message. We offer seven simple advertising options. Manchester Ink Link is your digital-first source for all the latest local news, events and happenings in the Greater Manchester area. Unlike many other local media advertising vehicles, our audience is plugged in and our circulation is growing – more than 150,000 average monthly visits and 70,000+ unique monthly users. From Concord to Nashua, our readership extends across southern New Hampshire and into the Boston metropolitan area.

But Manchester is at the heart of it all.

Helping local businesses and organizations reach their target audience is what we do best. With our dedicated free daily eNews subscribers and a social media reach of 70,000+ via our verified Facebook page and related administrated Facebook pages and Twitter, there’s no better way to amplify your message than through a partnership with Manchester Ink Link.

The Ink Link Advantage

  1. We are open to month-to-month although most advertisers prefer to sign up for a longer-term discounted packages.
  2. Each month you’ll receive reports that give you insight on total impression and geo-targeted click data, as well as click-through rates.
  3. Our audience is hyperlocal to the Greater Manchester, NH, area. Our readers stay engaged month over month
  4. You get unlimited design asset changes.

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Our motto is “Where all things Manchester connect,” and we believe timely messages from local advertisers are a crucial part of that promise to our readers. We have a flexible array of options to help your business or organization tell your story.

We provide every advertiser with data on reader impressions, “hovers” and clicks via our partners at Broadstreet Ads, including our value-added feature of geotargeting, so you know where your clicks are coming from.

We specialize in customized ad formats to fit your needs and budget – from high-profile banners in our masthead, to interactive and social-integrated ad styles, and many more.

Sponsored Content Post

The whole shebang! Our newest offering gives you the highest value and highest visibility on our website, newsletter and social media. This includes one staff-written content piece with social and newsletter push.


Business Feature

Build credibility and connection with your audience by having one of our staff writers go behind the scene in your organization and capture your unique story. This includes one staff-written content piece, photography and a social and newsletter push.


Monster Spot Digital Ad (960 x 120)

Gain the attention of over 160,000+ monthly views with the top monster spot built right into the banner.


Sweet Spot Digital Ad (680 x 350)

It’s called the Sweet Spot for a reason –  it’s front and center, just below the featured story. You’ll love the engagement.


Sweet Spot Small Biz Special Digital Ad (680 x 350)

Share prime real estate with up to 10 other local businesses –  your call to action + $20 in trade to be raffled to future customers = win-win.

$100/month [10% off for 12 months]

Sidebar Digital Ad (300 x 250)

Our sidebar ads appear on every page. Readers come to our site for the stories and automatically see your ad.


Daily Newsletter Digital Ad (400 X 200)

Reach your potential customers in our daily eNews with open rates well above industry average! We can help design your ad or special offer, to help drive readers to your website.


DIY Press Release

To keep costs low for non-profit and small businesses, we provide you the space and platform to toot your horn, and a permanent site link for social sharing.

$50/press release

Email carolrobidoux@manchesterinklink.com to check for availability.

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At Manchester Ink Link, we put the ‘wow factor’ in your ad!

Plus, we will do everything we can to help you promote your business, wares and services to a local audience that matters, through our extended reach across social media.

All prices listed are for a month-to-month rate. Most of our advertisers mix-and-match depending on what they’re promoting by securing slots for 6- or 12-month campaigns.

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