ADU, subdivision, single-family homes and apartments all on deck for this week’s Planning Board

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City Works is a regular feature designed to provide a preview of upcoming Planning and Zoning Board Meetings.


The Planning Board will meet on Thursday, June 1 at 6 p.m. and the following cases will be heard. If you cannot make the meeting in person, it will be broadcast live on Manchester Public Television, Channel 22. The agenda is available on-line.

S2023-002: Properties located between Karatzas Avenue and Linda Lane, Residential One Family Medium Density Zoning District & Lake Massabesic Protection Overlay District, Ward 6. 

The Applicant has submitted a subdivision application to create 21 new buildable lots for a total of 22 lots, and a new public road. This case has been continued from an earlier meeting with a request from the Board for the applicant to submit additional traffic information.

See Project Application for additional detail.

IMP2023-003 & PDSP2022-002EXT: Properties located between Smyth Road and Radburn Street, Residential One Family Medium Density Zoning District, Ward 2.

Applicant is requesting a reduction in all school and fire impact fees to zero for a conditionally approved planned development (PDSP2022-002) consisting of 305 dwelling units. Additionally, applicant is asking for a one-year extension of conditional site plan/planned development approval (which was conditionally granted on June 16th, 2022), to construct three (3) apartment buildings with a total of 305 dwelling units on property. This case will be decided during a Limited Business Meeting.

See Project Application for additional detail.

S2023-005: 34 Cypress Street, R-2 Zoning District
Applicant is submitting a subdivision application for the creation of one new buildable lot of 5,446 SF with frontage on Cypress Street.

See Project Application for additional detail.

PDSP2023-001: 431 E. High Street, R-1B Zoning District

Applicant is submitting a site plan/planned development application to convert a barn to a third residential unit.

See Project Application for additional detail.

What happened in May?


The Zoning Board met on May 11 and the following decisions were rendered. If you missed the meeting, it is available to watch on-demand.

  • ZBA2022-161: 235-237 Harvard Street – Variance Granted. 
  • ZBA2023-032: 73 B Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-034: 773 Silver Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-004: 34 Westland Avenue – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-035: 336 Prospect Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-036: 240 Laval Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-037: 20 Groveland Street – Variance Granted. 
  • ZBA2023-038: 325 Taylor Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-041: 426 Goffstown Road – Variance Granted for six chickens, not allowed to free-range. 
  • ZBA2023-043: 211 South Elm Street- Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-029: 357 Central Street – Postponed to June 8
  • ZBA2023-045: 80 Rosegate Farm Road – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-046: 114 Mast Road – Tabled to June 8.  
  • ZBA2023-040: 1045 Hanover Street – Variance Granted.  
  • ZBA2023-047: 104 Randall Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-048: 81 Beaver Street – Variance Granted.
  • ZBA2023-049: 37 Ashland Street – Variance Granted. 


The following cases were discussed and decided during the Business Meeting held on May 18. If you were unable to watch the meeting, it is available on-demand.

  • CU2023-008 & SP2023-003: 8 Dutton Street, application approved with waivers.
  • CU2023-009 & SP2023-004: 99 Manchester Street, application approved.


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June Trisciani is a lifelong resident of Manchester and owns j. ellen Design, LLC, a residential and commercial interior design firm. She has served on the Heritage Commission, is a past-chair of the Planning Board and currently serves as Alderman At-Large for Manchester.