To those ‘adopting’ hydrants: Thank you from NH State Fire Marshal

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IMG_5612CONCORD, NH — State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan says thank you to those who have “adopted” fire hydrants in their neighborhoods by digging them out of the snow.

On Feb. 10 Degnan personally observed two men clearing hydrants, one in Nashua at the corner of Berkley and Courtland streets and another in Concord, at the corner of Canterbury and Pembroke roads.

NH Fire Marshal emblemWhen a fire occurs, seconds count says Degnan.

“We don’t want to lose any precious time looking for and digging out a fire hydrant to help save a life and property. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed,” said Degnan in a statement issued Wednesday.

A fire Feb. 10 in Franklin underscored that point and serves as a reminder of how critical time is in accessing water to fight a fire. In that case,  Franklin’s Deputy Fire Chief  had shoveled out that hydrant.

Degnan reminds residents that there are thousands of hydrants across the state that may be the one needed when a fire occurs. Please keep helping by clearing a fire hydrant, it could save your life and property.

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