Recovery International offers free support groups for addiction, anxiety, depression and more

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MANCHESTER, NH –  Too much stress and tension can create anxiety, depression, anger, and other unpleasant symptoms. Cognitive Behavioral Training (CBT) demonstrates how to recognize and then change thinking and actions that reduces symptoms almost immediately. Free weekly meetings reinforce the method and provides support.

New Hampshire meetings are provided by Recovery International, the first (1937) and most proven CBT method for regaining peaceful and productive lives.

Meetings Side Img 2Recovery International Meetings offer reassurance and fellowship through meeting friendly people with similar problems who have found a way to live happier, healthier lives. Understanding of your situation. A safe place to express your feelings without being judged. Hope from others who have bettered their lives. Support and acceptance that may be lacking at home, work or school. Self-help through learning and practicing a simple set of living skills which encourage and improve personal growth. Encouragement to keep trying.

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No appointment is required. Anyone 18 years of age or older may attend. Just show up.


Mondays: 7 to 9 p.m.

Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester Cypress Center

401 Cypress St.

(Board room, use Cypress Center entrance, push buzzer) Local contact, 603-624-0086


Thursdays 7-9 p.m.

The Farmhouse (New Location) 132 Pillsbury Rd.

Side door – Stairs or ramp. Local contact, 603-785-2413


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