A tribute to Gary Tibbetts

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Gary Tibbetts was a Manchester native. He was a Manchester Police Officer for almost 23 years. His father, Donn Tibbetts was a legend on the radio when Gary was a kid. His brother, Don, was a teacher at Central High School for many years, beloved by everyone he taught.

Gary was a friend of mine. And it was such a gift. Gary was a gift to many, many people. His dedication as a Manchester Police Officer, along with his outgoing personality, made him beloved by many people as well.

Gary was kind, and friendly, and would help you at the drop of a dime… on or off the clock. I’m going to miss him greatly – as will an endless number of friends.

Rest well, ‘Other T.’

Click here to read Gary’s obituary

Paul Cormier is a videographer and Manchester history buff. 

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