A community of caring: The Way Home salutes spring donors 

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MANCHESTER, NH  – The Way Home got a major boost to its mission this spring when numerous organizations and individuals stepped up with financial contributions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“At the heart of our agency has long been the support of a wonderful community of givers,” said Bianka Beaudoin, The Way Home’s CEO.  “When the pandemic hit, we reached out for donations and were thrilled and humbled by the response.”

During March, April and May, the agency was able to raise over $69,000 for its COVID-19 response fund.  Resources from the fund include:

  • Just-in-time household needs to help alleviate the suffering caused by housing insecurity
  • Protecting the health and well-being of an already vulnerable population by providing healthy home education programs to keep individuals and families safe throughout this pandemic
  • Support and assistance for those requiring emergency housing
  • Support for purchasing hand sanitizers, gloves, safety masks and other cleaning products to protect the health and wellness of those the agency serves and their staff
  • Funds are also being used to support remote coaching and learning opportunities as needed to ensure a safe environment for clients and staff.

“Like other organizations that make up our area’s social services safety net, we’re experiencing an uptick in requests,” said Beaudoin.  “These grants and donations from general donors and those that supported our Pay To Stay at Home Pajama Gala are helping us to address current and future requests for help.”

Supporters to date include:

  • Anonymous- $20,000
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation- $15,000
  • Anonymous – $10,000
  • Harvard Pilgrim Foundation- $10,000
  • Collaborative grant from Housing Action NH and New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority- $10,000
  • Sisters of Mercy in Memory of Renee – $9,000
  • Town Fair Tire Foundation-$1000

Individual donors included:

  • Bianka Beaudoin
  • Rosemary Burnham
  • Joseph Cangeme
  • Paul Demoorjian
  • Christopher and Helen Dugan
  • Dan Grinley
  • Cecelia Ferland
  • David Flynn
  • Vivian Gentes
  • Alexandra Kasprzak
  • Madonna Moran
  • Sonia Pearsall
  • Natalie McDonough
  • Felcia McKone
  • James McLeod
  • Ed Mealey
  • Denis Roberge
  • Susan Colwell
  • Catherine Martin
  • Emile Tetu
  • Steve Letares
  • Janet Dubreuil
  • James McLeod
  • Karen Ross
  • Dana French
  • Robert Dobzanski
  • Ann Butenhof
  • Melissa Magoon
  • Mary Sears
  • Mary and Prudence Dame
  • Jeremy and Gina Lane
  • Deb Mcloud
  • Ioanis Kourtis
  • Rosemaire Sousa
  • Carol Rawson
  • Jim Foster
  • Denise Vernava

Beaudoin added that in addition to charitable contributions, those wishing to support the agency can also donate non-perishable food items, cleaning supplies and grocery gift cards.

“We fully anticipate that even as the pandemic abates, we will experience a surge in need,” she concluded.

To support The Way Home, please visit www.thewayhomenh.org

About The Way Home

Now celebrating our 32nd year of community service, The Way Home is a non-profit dedicated to helping low-income households obtain and sustain safe, affordable housing throughout the state of New Hampshire.  Since 1988, we have assisted more than 22,000 homeless and high-risk families, individuals, veterans, and special needs clients with their housing needs.

Our Mission and Vision statements speak of creatively helping those with the fewest resources. When designing our programs, The Way Home looks first to empower our clients in need. Over the past three decades, this has meant helping them increase their resourcefulness by providing more financial literacy classes, housing counseling, steps to success coaching, healthy home education, landlord/tenant rights and other life skills classes.

Our Vision is to continue as an innovative, grassroots organization committed to creatively helping those with the least resources increase access, raise hope, and build self-esteem.  We believe in implementing a “housing first” approach, which provides secure housing with the support they need to make a difference in their lives.