Keith Spiro Communicast: Mike Kind HybridWorkHub and the pivot to workplace flexibility

In April 2021, StanData announced technology for the Work From Home crowd that would benefit both their wellness as well as productivity. Remote workers in the USA as a category had peaked a year earlier at 50 million but the potential benefits to companies and employees remain an area of exploration for many. Stories abound of CEO’s demanding return of workers to offices and employees leaving jobs because they won’t retreat from the newly-found flexibility in the workplace. Less is spoken about employees who ask to come back into offices. READ MORE


Keith Spiro Communicast with Josh Verrill at the Launch of “4AM Demand” a SaaS for these times.

At the heart of what co-founders Heather Stokes and Josh Verrill are doing is creating a business that hopes to inspire people to be better, bolder marketers with tools so they don’t have to be awake worrying at 4 a.m. With the kind of year businesses have had, they look to minimize the complexity in how to market and how to scale early-stage high growth businesses in the Software as a Service (SaaS) space. READ MORE


Keith Spiro Communicast: Shanna Tellerman’s MODSY is “business as usual in the new unusual”

The amazing part of this crisis, from a business change standpoint, is to see all executives and senior leaders having to work from home, in a more informal setting, with family interruptions randomly visible via our video linkups. Shanna and her team are way ahead of old line thinkers who are facing this world for the first time. Modsy employees and executives have a high comfort level that family is part of their work life. READ MORE

Around Town

Communicast, Episode 1: Jeanine & Co., helping non-profits lead and grow in these strange times

Welcome to Keith Spiro’s Communicast, a community broadcast highlighting the good things that people in our community are doing. With support from Manchester Ink Link, I will be showcasing the leadership roles people are taking. Particularly in these very strange times, it will be nice to have some positive things to look at and know how people around us are helping each other. READ MORE

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My Three Words for 2022

The words themselves are meant to act as a trigger for action and for guidance. Choosing three words to guide my year and my actions have long proven to be helpful in both stable and turbulent times and works far better than New Year’s resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside. READ MORE