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Horrifying details of Harmony Montgomery’s death, and the aftermath, revealed in court document

The details of how a little girl died, allegedly at the hands of her father who for months hid her remains in an ice cooler, an apartment ceiling, a commercial freezer and an apartment refrigerator/freezer, are contained in the 48-page probable cause statement of Manchester Police Det. John Dunleavy.  The document, on file in Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District, was released Tuesday after WMUR-TV filed a lawsuit requesting it be unsealed. READ MORE

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At scene of property search connected to Harmony Montgomery: ‘I just pray they find her’

The reality of the grim case leads to the thought of where Harmony could be, a thought that has haunted so many of those who found their way to the block on Tuesday morning, where detectives set up tents in the front to protect from plain view the entryway of the apartment building, and in the back parking lot, where a Manchester Fire vehicle was parked near a red tent. READ MORE