Here’s why NH Legislative Fiscal Committee must approve $40M in federal broadband funding on Dec. 2

Imagine it’s 1936 and all the towns around you have electricity except yours. Your neighbors are using power saws to cut their cords of wood, electric washing machines to wash their clothes, getting their news and entertainment at night from radio. You are living down the road a few miles away reading your newspaper by kerosene lamp and hand sawing your dozens of cords of wood.  This is what it feels like in 2022 to be one of the thousands of residences in rural NH without access to high-speed, reliable internet. READ MORE

Xena, Warrior Princess Dog
Point of View

Cat o’ Nine Tales

My pseudo-scientific study of the names of eBay bookselling handles, scribbled on slips of paper and tossed into a sawed-off cereal box, leads me to believe that the majority of online bookseller handles fall into four broad categories: books, history, Hollywood and, of course, cats. READ MORE