From fender-benders to shootings, police dispatchers answer the call

Dispatchers answering calls – an average of 261 per day, 70,213 so far this year — must obtain as much detailed information as possible from the caller:  Name, location, what happened, anyone hurt, is a weapon involved.  While doing that, the dispatcher is simultaneously researching the call itself – have police been to that location before, were there any threats and assessing the danger level to both the citizen and police.  The information is needed to ensure both the safety of the caller and the officer. READ MORE

City Hall

What it takes to make a difference: Barriers to civic engagement stand in the way of good government, vibrant communities 

Despite New Hampshire’s strengths, the state has its fair share of barriers that block or discourage people from engaging with their communities. It’s these stumbling blocks — long commute times, inadequate childcare, lack of information, feeling unwelcome or underqualified — that add up and weaken civic health in the Granite State.  READ MORE