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Recovery began with: ‘Hi. My name’s Keith Howard and I don’t want to be alive any more.’

September is National Recovery Month, whatever meaning that may have. It’s also, National Yoga Month, National Honey Month and National Prostate Health Month.  Once you’ve relaxed, sweetened-up and prepared for a prodding, think about those around you who have escaped the need for escape, who have managed to live life without chemical assistance and who have transformed their lives from quiet desperation to quieter inspiration. And know, really and for true, that if you need help in that transformation, people like me and everyone else at Hope for New Hampshire Recovery are there for you. READ MORE

Point of View

We have been making our way down this rabbit hole for more than 40 years, it’s time to vote for Volinsky

We have been making our way down this rabbit hole for more than 40 years. Manchester reached the end of the tunnel a while ago, but now we have lots of company.  Because of our adherence to “The Pledge,” communities up and down the state are having a hard time funding their schools. That means that a lot of New Hampshire kids will never become the people they are destined to be, and that is a shame. READ MORE


NH police departments change their hiring process to compete in shrinking pool of candidates

A number of factors have stacked against them, according to recruiting officers; the state police academy has limited seats for each of its classes, the state’s retirement system has been less competitive than Massachusetts’ system since it changed in 2011, and fewer candidates are applying, particularly since tensions between police and Black communities have heightened nationwide over the past five years. READ MORE