Pivot: How Studio Lab is embracing the need to change and creating an artistic community along the way

Just a few days after the depressing reality of cancelled shows happened, Studio Labs & Events United hosted one of the largest live streaming events in the history of the industry. On St. Patrick’s Day, the Drop Kick Murphy’s performed their annual free concert from Studio Lab in a streaming event that brought in approximately 10 million viewers and united a country for a moment of community and happy distraction in a week of palpable anxiety and uncertainty. READ MORE
Around Town

12 families after the fire: Searching for cats, sifting through rubble and looking for new homes

After investigation, it appears six buildings were damaged by the fire, some with more substantial damage than others. It appears the original fire building at 232 Spruce St. will have to be torn down, and that will be determined by the insurance company. To the east of the origination of the fire, 234 Spruce St., has substantial damage, and it will be determined what the insurance will do with the claim. READ MORE