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Homeless woman who spent time at shelter hospitalized after positive COVID-19 test

On Sunday, March 29, she went to the Catholic Medical Center. She’d had difficulty breathing for a few days. She had even gone three weeks previous to this, but was escorted outside as she showed none of the normal symptoms. She believes she may have had the coronavirus the whole time. As someone in a wheelchair, she did not go anywhere else or do anything. She was at New Horizons the entire time, dating back to last fall. READ MORE

COVID-19 in NH: Latest news and updates

Sports equipment manufacturer releases face shield design so others can pivot to medical supply

Two weeks ago, while watching the news and speaking with a co-worker on the phone, Win Fream, the senior director of product design and development at sports safety equipment producer Cascade Maverick Lacrosse became convinced his company needed to continue producing protective gear, but for the medical community rather than athletes. READ MORE