Lab Notes

Role Models in Action: CodeIT Girls ignites interest in computer science

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Emily Kerr 0
I’ve been thinking a lot lately about role models after reading a brief recently released by Google and Gallup on the role of encouragement in computer science (CS) education. According to the findings, girls are less likely than boys to see someone like themselves doing computer science, and interest in CS among girls also starts to wane as early as age 14. READ MORE
Ask Dr. John

Your core negative beliefs are a lie

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Dr. John D. Rich Jr. 0
The practice of mindfulness is an attempt to identify the core negative beliefs that each of us holds, and then to reject them and challenge them. You are not the person those beliefs say you are. You are more than what you were told, or what you heard. It is time to “put away childish things.” How liberating! READ MORE
Around Town

Queen City Cabbie: A man, his taxi, and the city he loves

Wednesday, February 14, 2018 Carol Robidoux 1
“I’ve never been a proponent of the cab being something lucrative. The cab is about helping people get from point A to Point B, whether for medical reasons or work reasons. There’s a lot of reasons why people take cabs, and there’s more people now than ever in Manchester taking them, because there’s endless people who never get their license,” he says. “But no one becomes a baron driving a cab.” READ MORE