New DHHS report: Spike in 2015 tobacco retail sales to youth

Sales are up even though use is down, according to studies, that also show some young smokers purchase products directly from a licensed tobacco retailer. Data from the 2015 YRBS shows that 13.6 percent of the 14,837 students who answered this question report they get their cigarettes from a store or gas station, indicating a need to improve merchant education and enforcement in New Hampshire. READ MORE

The Soapbox

Why is Manchester still towing more cars per capita than other NE cities?

Although it would be out of line for me to offer a solution to an issue that has not been identified as a problem by city officials, I do find it concerning that the number of vehicles towed during snow emergencies is on the rise, especially because there are possible solutions available to ease the burden on city residents, who suffer from the inconvenience and expense of towing. READ MORE